This is one of three indoor-outdoor theaters in North America and it is right in our backyard

In Moberly, Missouri a population of a little over 13,000 is a movie theater that is one of only three in North America still stands today.

B&B Moberly Five and Drive is a theater that has five indoor screens and one outdoor screen at the drive-in, which makes it very rare facility.

The drive-in opened in 1950 as the Highway 63 Drive-In and closed in the 1985, but re-opened after B&B Theaters decided to build a new location right next to the old drive in 1997. It was the first time that a multiplex theater was thought to be built next to a drive-in.

Today, the Drive-in has reemerged as a popular destination for visitors and residents to still practice social distancing, which enjoying time outside of the house.

Due to Hollywood not releasing any new movies until July, they are playing your favorite classics like Grease, Indiana Jones, Wonder Woman and much more!

The best part about the Drive-In? It is only $10 a carload! What an affordable form of entertainment. Concessions are available, but are are not included.

Grab your friends and head to the Moberly Five & Drive.

. . . . . . . . .

The Moberly Area Chamber of Commerce is a membership organization in Randolph County Missouri that also serves as a Convention & Visitors Bureau. Moberly is located in North-Central Missouri on the intersection of Highway 63 and Highway 24.

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