Seven Ways to Support Your Community During the Coronavirus

These are unprecedented times and life can be scary right now, but our community and area businesses need us now more than ever. Here are seven ways to support area businesses during this pandemic.

1. Purchase gift cards

One of the easiest ways to help a local business is to purchase a gift card. This can be purchased now and used later when it is safer to go out to eat. Call your favorite businesses today!

2. Shop online

We know that being at home can be boring. What makes it even better? Online shopping of course! Shop at Encore, Vintage 424, Coachlight, Fusion Technology, Art's Appliance & Furniture, Wise Woman Botanicals, AK's Guns and Ammo and Do Furniture. Shop through their Facebook pages as well.

3. Review business on Facebook and on TripAdvisor.

Reviews not only increase credibility but increase rankings on TripAdvisor. This can lead to more views from future trip planners. Spend an hour on the computer or on your phone reviewing local business.

4. Order takeout

Many restaurants are offering takeout and delivery services including Shady Tuesday's, Lula's Tavern, Bubba's, Don's Family Style Buffet and more. Support a local restaurant and order to-go.

From left to right: Lula's Tavern, Shady Tuesday's and Don's Family Style Buffet.

5. Don't cancel your subscriptions

If you have a gym membership or a cleaning service don't cancel it. Continue supporting those businesses, if possible.

6. Share business social media posts

Share the posts from other local businesses in the area. This gives other people the opportunity to see a business that they might not know about.

7. Can your business create a partnership with another business in some way?

If you own a business or are an employee of a local business see if your company can creatively partner with another business to support them. For example, do a gift card giveaway and share it on your page. The Art Department created #showmemoberly T-shirts that included a gift card to a business of the purchaser's choice. Be creative and help each other out.

Just remember we are in this together. Community over competition. Let's do what we can to help support our local business during this crisis.

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The Moberly Area Chamber of Commerce is a membership organization in Randolph County Missouri that also serves as a Convention & Visitors Bureau. Moberly is located in North-Central Missouri on Highway 63 and Highway 24.

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