Seven Reasons You Should Visit Heritage Hills

Known for being a low-impact sport, golf has tremendous health benefits and is a very enjoyable sport for all ages. Heritage Hills Golf Course in Moberly, Missouri is a beautiful 18-hole, public course that is great for all ages.  Here are seven reasons why you should visit Heritage Hills. 

1. Family-friendly

Going golfing is something that a family can do together. This sport is great for family bonding and teaching the next generation of golfers. 

2. Scenic views

Heritage Hills has beautiful, breathtaking views. Enjoy nature and all its glory at this course.

3. Great outing with friends

Whether you would like to have a guys or girls weekend. Heritage Hills is open for any getaway that your group of friends might need. They, also, have the opportunity for anyone to rent out the clubhouse. Renting the facility is perfect for graduations, birthday parties, retirement parties, golf tournaments and so much more.   

4. Exercise

Golf is a great form of exercise. If you forgo the cart, you can do a lot of walking. The sport can not only keep your body strong, but it can help your mind stay strong as well. 

5. Mental Strength

The challenge of the game can ensure that your mind stays quick and sharp. Because golf is a slower sport it allows more opportunity for strategic thinking about your next move. 

6. Strengthen business connections

If you have a client or someone that you would like to treat to a round of golf or get to know more using Heritage Hills is a great option. Use the course to strengthen your relationship with that person. This allows a fun and relaxing environment to do just that.

7. Fun

Golf is so much fun! Heritage Hills is a beautiful and fantastic facility to strength your game or learn the sport. Additionally, it is a great facility for events and it is a great resource to have in Randolph County. Golf is enjoyable in a tournament setting, playing with a group of friends or taking a more serious approach and playing solo.

We hope that you will take the opportunity to learn more about Heritage Hills Golf Course in Moberly, Missouri and discover all that it has to offer. 

Call the Clubhouse at 660-269-8659


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