December Member Spotlight - County Bank

With almost 150 years in the banking and financial industry, County Bank has made a very-well respected name for themselves in Central Missouri. As a benefit of being a member of the Moberly Area Chamber of Commerce, a member is chosen to be spotlighted each month. County Bank was randomly selected from our members that attend Coffee Chat. I had the opportunity to talk to Vice President, Brandon Krapfl and Mortgage Loan Officer, Heather Martin about how they do banking differently. 

For those that haven’t heard the history behind this successful company, County Bank started in 1877 in Brunswick, Missouri. In 2004, they expanded by opening up a second branch in Downtown Moberly. Their Moberly location was doing so well that in 2010 they built a new building at their current location on Morley Street. Today, they have about 35 employees at both locations.

County Bank’s services range from a checking account to agricultural loans and everything in between. 

"We do personal loans, car loans, residential construction to residential purchases or refinances, commercial, and equipment purchases,” said Krapfl.

Krapfl and Martin said that County Bank doesn’t just focus on the personal side of banking like a checking and savings account or online banking, but they can assist with the business side as well. If someone is looking into starting a new business or to expanding their current operation, they can help with that.

Martin said, “A lot of banks don’t help with the construction process to the permanent process.”

They assist with many new construction projects on the business side and will help a business no matter their size. They especially, love helping small businesses, because they are a small business themselves. Both said how County Bank is always looking for new opportunities in the region. 

To better serve their customers, County Bank has two ATMs in Moberly. One is at their main location on 1615 North Morley Street and the other is located on 1350 South Morley Street. 

Besides being convenient, County Bank prides itself on is being locally owned and willing to work with their customers. Additionally, the staff enjoys having the ability to make their own decisions and not have to have something approved or denied through a corporate office.

“When you talk to an officer, they are the decision maker. When compared to other banks, they put the information into a computer and it goes off to a central location,” Krapfl said. 

Everything that a larger bank does, they do as well and that really speaks to their success here in Moberly and Brunswick.

Having exceptional customer-service and being customer oriented, also, makes County Bank stand apart. If someone doesn’t meet the criteria or the guidelines that are set, they do their best to try to find a way around it so that they can serve their customers as best as possible. 

Martin said, “If there is any possible way that it can get done in this bank, we will make sure that it has been worked through.”

They realize that each person is different and every scenario is different and they look at it that way. 

County Bank is a current member of the Federal Home Loan that provides a grant opportunity to qualified applicants. This grant can assist with a down payment on a house for up $5,000. To qualify a one-income household can make up to $37,200 and a two-income household can make up $42,000. The unique aspect about this grant is that there are no age restrictions and no first-time home buyer restrictions. This grant can be used towards a first-time home or someone that is interested in building.

Krapfl and Martin said that being a small bank they have a much more personal touch and know most of their customers by name.

“I am most proud that the people here truly try to do what is best for anybody that banks here,” said Martin. 

She continued by saying that they discover what each customer’s goals are and the staff want to help them accomplish those goals. 

Krapfl said County Bank has a lot of pride in what they do and that they are more than just a bank.

“We are proud of who we are in the community. We are a place that people come to for advice,” he said. 

Krapfl said that some of their customers come in and talk to them about very personal situations that they sometimes do not even talk about with their spouse. As a bank they have to be very honest and open so that their clients are comfortable talking to them about topics that might not be comfortable.

A portion of their mission statement says, “We are dedicated to helping real people with real solutions by providing the personal, efficient service our customers deserve.” After 141 years, County Bank has proven that with exceptional customer service and putting the customer first that success can be accomplished. 

Moberly Location

1615 North Morley Street

Moberly, Missouri 65270


Brunswick Location

116 West Broadway

Brunswick, Missouri 65236





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