10 reasons to visit Moberly this summer

It is incredible to think that July is here and summer is almost halfway over. If you haven’t had a summer trip, here are 10 reasons why you should vacation or plan a day-trip to Moberly.

1. The History

Moberly has a plethora of history from its railroad foundation, to being the home of America’s Last Five Star General, Omar Bradley. Come and visit the railroad museum at Depot Park and have your picture taken with the Omar Bradley statue in Rothwell Park.

Visitors and volunteers inside of the Railroad Museum.

2. Wine

Did you know that we have two wineries close by, in Higbee? They are Cooper’s Oak Winery and Skullsplitter Spirits and Woodsmen Distilling, which are a short 10-minute drive and have a wide variety of handcrafted spirits. Visit Moberly to try these handcrafted concoctions.

3. Unique Restaurants

Did you know Moberly has more locally-owned restaurants than fast food one’s? From mouth-watering steak at Lula’s to one of the best breakfasts at Bubba’s and everywhere else in between. Our dining options will curb your appetite.

Customers eating at Bubba's. Image courtesy of Main Street Moberly.

4. An affordable destination

Many of our attractions and events are very affordable for families, large and small because they are free or low cost. For example, the Moberly Mini Train is only $2.50 per rider. Visit Moberly for the affordability that cannot be matched.

5. Learn about a different lifestyle

About 10 miles from Moberly, is Clark, where the Amish Community is located. Learn more about a different way of living from this unique culture and purchase some fantastic products while you are there.

6. Fun events

Visit Moberly during a community event such as the 4th of July Extravaganza, Junk Junktion, Moberly Railroad Days and so many others. Click here to see the upcoming events.

7. Mom-and-Pop Shops

Much like our restaurants, many of our shops are locally-owned. We have several clothing stores, a technology store, antique stores, and much, much more. We hope that you will visit these fantastic shops. Click here for a full listing.

8. A lot of outdoor adventure

Moberly is home to Rothwell Park, one of the largest owned municipal parks in Missouri. With 465 acres, this beautiful park is great for kayaking, fishing, boating, hiking and more.

9. Watch and learn about a new sport

Almost everyone has seen a football, basketball baseball, soccer or any other type of sport that is played not only professionally, but in the majority of public schools in the country. One sport that you most likely have never watched is motocross. Many riders from around Missouri will be competing in various races throughout the summer at HLR Motorsports in Huntsville. Travel to Moberly to learn about this exciting sport.

Images courtesy of HLR Motorsports

10. An enjoyable experience for everyone

We know that Moberly’s small-town charm will capture your heart, just like it has captured ours. We know that no matter where you go or what you do you will have an enjoyable experience. Discover all that Moberly has to offer and plan a trip at moberly.com



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