10 Outdoor Activities to Do in Moberly, Missouri

After a long winter, it is finally time to spend some time in the outside. The days are getting longer and warmer which means summertime is upon us. What you might not know is that Moberly, Missouri has some of the best recreation activities and facilities in the state. Here are 10 of the best outdoor activities that you can do in Moberly.

1. Hiking 

There are a variety of man-made trails in any of the five parks and there are natural trails for a more adventurous trek. One of the most unique areas for hiking is the West 43 Wilderness Area. This area is 43 acres of undeveloped land that is perfect for a natural hike in nature, for horseback riding or biking.


2. Biking

No matter if you like to bike on rough or smooth terrain, Moberly has several spots for all skill levels of bikers. Ride on the roads throughout any of the five parks, Downtown or in the West 43 Wilderness Area.


3. Boating

This may be surprising to many, but yes you can take a boat on the lakes in Moberly. Water Works Lake is the perfect facility, because it has a boating dock for public use. Rothwell Lake is a great spot too.


4. Archery

There is a wonderful archery range in Rothwell Park for shooters to practice their skills or bring a friend to have fun with. If the weather is bad and you are needing a place to shoot indoors Lucas Archery is a great spot. 

5. Swimming

One of the most popular summer activities is swimming. The Moberly Aquatic Center is a premier aquatic center in Missouri. Rent the pool out for a party or get your season pass to swim all summer long. Want to swim when the Aquatic Center closes? Check out the Randolph Area YMCA here.

6. Camping

If you want to pitch a tent and cook your food over a fire Moberly has venues for this authentic type of camping. If you are not the outdoorsy type, but still would like to experience camping Thompson Campground is a great space to go glamping. This facility has 24 full hook-ups for RV’s with WIFI included. One benefit to camping at Thompson Campground is that it is right next to the Moberly Mini Train and the Aquatic Center which makes for a great weekend trip. 

7. Hunting

A Mid-Western favorite, Hunting is a unique sport. Though it is not allowed in the parks systems there are plenty of places close to Moberly that offer a variety of game hunting options. The first is Trophy County a 6,200-acre year-round facility. Less than 10-miles from Moberly is Heggemeier Game Farm and Kennels has over 1,200 acres of land to hunt on. Their specialty is game birds.


8. Kayaking

Rothwell Lake’s 30-acres allows ample room for kayaking or canoeing. This activity provides a new perspective on the area. It provides an opportunity to unwind, relax and enjoy the summer sun.

9. Fishing 

Not only is fishing an active sport to keep you healthy, but it can train your brain to solve problems and think quickly. Fishing is an enjoyable sport for all ages and can teach youth about patience and the thrill of the catch.


10. Yoga and Tai-Chi

New this year, Moberly Parks and Recreation will have Yoga and Tai-Chi in the park and run until the middle of fall. Both activities will make you healthier in the mind, body and spirit. Call MPRD for further details.

Try something different this year and go outside to explore the beautiful Missouri outdoors. 

Learn more about what you can do in Moberly by going to moberly.com

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